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History of Christmas: Caesar Augustus

December 18, 2018

HISTORY OF CHRISTMAS: CAESAR AUGUSTUS Perhaps it is fitting that our last historical Nativity character in the History of Christmas series should be the first person mentioned in St. Luke‘s story of the first Christmas. But he was not Jewish, nor a shepherd, nor a Magi. Instead, he was 1500 miles away, the Roman emperor, Caesar…

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History of the Magi: Who were the Wise Men?

December 17, 2018

History of the Magi: The Wise Men. Who were they, where were they from, why did they come?

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History of Mistletoe: Why is it the Kissing plant?

December 14, 2018

HISTORY OF MISTLETOE We’ve mentioned previously that mistletoe was prominent in the traditions of the Druids and the lore of northern Europe. The Druids used the mistletoe of their sacred oak as part of their ritual five days after the new moon following the Winter Solstice. In the Middle Ages, it was hung from ceilings…

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History of Santa Lucia: Luciadagen — St. Lucy’s Day

December 13, 2018

History of Santa Lucia. Who is St Lucy and how does Sweden’s Luciadagen relate to Sicily? #HistoryOfTheHolidays

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History of the Poinsettia: The Christmas Flower

December 12, 2018

History of the Poinsettia: the history of the “Christmas flower” from its origin in Mexico to its popularity in the US. #HistoryOfTheHolidays

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History of the Holidays

What is the history behind the holidays we celebrate, both sacred and secular? Many of the sacred holidays in our American “Judeo-Christian” heritage have secular associations, while many of the seemingly secular holidays actually have religious roots.

Popular Culture

Featuring reviews of moviesconcerts, and theatre. I write movie reviews as soon as I see them, which is usually the day they come out (or before). Reviews of Star Wars and Star Trek movies, Lord of the Rings, Hobbit, and Harry Potter films, rock and jazz concerts and theatre reviews.

Tech Trends

Articles about current and future technologies and their possible implications. Current discussions are about Apple iPhone and Apple Watch and some innovative technologies from other companies: social media, payment systems, personal data backup, etc.