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Future of BillPetro.com

Gentle Readers,

There’s something new!

The history of the History of the Holidays goes back to 1984 when I began writing articles on the history behind popular secular and sacred holidays, and sending them out via email.

In 1995 I began archiving them on a web page, and then subsequently on a page on my own domain at www.billpetro.com. In 2005 I turned my website into a web log or blog.

You may be aware that during the last couple of years I’ve been writing articles in other areas of interest, including:

  • Popular Culture
  • Technology
  • Travel
  • History

You may have seen some of those articles here, but increasingly they’re being published on my other blogs. Although I typically send out most of the articles that I post at my primary blog at billpetro.com via email to a separately maintained mailing list, which has been building for some years now, in contrast, I don’t usually email out articles from my other blogs as these are for different audiences than my original mailing list.

Now here’s your chance to get them.

Note: Some gentle readers prefer to use the RSS feed from my blog to subscribe via an RSS reader (Really Simple Syndication), also known as a newsfeed reader, like Google Reader, or Newsgator or Bloglines.

What are those other blogs and how can you subscribe?

Culture Vulture features reviews of movies, concerts, and theatre. I write movie reviews as soon as I see them, which is usually the day they come out (or before). I  wrote one for Pixar’s WALL-E and an early review of Batman: The Dark Knight.

… You can subscribe to Culture Vulture via email by clicking here.

… You can subscribe to Culture Vulture via newsreader by clicking here.

Tech Trends is a discussion about current and future technologies and their possible implications. Current discussions are about Cloud Computing, Web 2.0, Social Media, Google, the iPhone 3G and some innovative technologies from EMC Corporation and other companies.

… You can subscribe to Tech Trends via email by clicking here.

… You can subscribe to Tech Trends via newsreader by clicking here.

Ignorance Abroad is my travel blog, where I feature stories and photos of my world travel. After almost 2 million miles of travel, I’ve got some interesting and amusing stories of my adventures abroad. Recent stories include trips to Lima, Peru and Italy. There will be more stories coming about Tuscany, Venice and Rome.

… You can subscribe to Ignorance Abroad via email by clicking here.

… You can subscribe to Ignorance Abroad via newsreader by clicking here.

Bill Petro remains my primary blog, which houses my archives, and my new History of the Holidays articles. I write a few new ones each month or so, and update my previous articles as I re-publish them each year during the holidays.

… You can subscribe via email by clicking here.

…You can subscribe via newsreader by clicking here.

Oh, and two more things:

Occasionally (very), I have included a Podcast at the end of an article. You can identify these by the icon at the bottom. This is the indication that I’ve created an “Audio Version.”

And, I have a channel at the iTunes Store that features these Podcasts in iPod format as well. The name of the channel is, ironically enough, History of the Holidays.


Thanks for reading. The future will be history… and so much more.

Bill Petro, your friendly neighborhood historian, high-tech, culturevulture, traveler

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