Movie Review: Star Wars: The Last Jedi



For over 40 years, Lucasfilm has brought us popcorn movies extraordinaire. The Last Jedi is no exception.

Let me just say this: “Yule love it!”

The movie is enjoyable, deeply satisfying, and innovative. In many ways, I found it more enjoyable than The Force Awakens. I know I don’t have to tell you to go see it. In the first day that it’s been released, it’s on track to be the #2 biggest opening financially after The Force Awakens.

Grade: A-

Luke and Leia

You’ll like it if: you enjoy space battles, cool tools, explosions, spaceships, interesting locales, action, paced with some slower character development.

You won’t like it if: you need answers raised in the last movie, silliness, prefer a more straightforward plot line.

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Bill Petro, your friendly neighborhood culturevulture

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