I am a Contributing Writer for a new book Product Management to Product Leadership: The Advanced Uses Cases.
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Writes: 5 blogs, History of the Holidays email articles

Reads: sci-fi and history books, computer magazines, Internet discussion boards, Web research

Speaks: fluent in English, conversant in French, can greet in Italian, can order from the menu in Spanish, can address the Olympian gods in Classical Greek


History: student and teacher of Ancient, early Church, Jewish, Reformation, and Colonial American history

Films: sci-fi, comedy, action, British, costume dramas, period pieces

TV: Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, 24, Heroes, House, Bones, The Office

Theatre: musicals, comedies, Shakespeare

Music: classic rock, pop, show tunes, classical, Irish

Photos: International travel and family Photo albums


    • I use Thesis WordPress theme for my blog.
    • I use Evernote on my Mac, Windows, iPhone, and iPad for synchronized productivity. I became an expert using it by reading the Evernote Essentials ebook.
    • I use Logos software on my Mac.