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History of the iPhone?

HISTORY OF THE IPHONE? I’ve written a couple of articles recently on the Apple iPhone 3G, one on what the first day of the iPhone 3G was like, and the other on how the launch of this 2nd generation device has turned out after the hype has worn off, some two months later. You can…

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iPhone 3G: 2 months on, post-hype

iPHONE 3.0: 2 MONTHS ON, POST-HYPE I recently bought my son a new iPhone 3G, a month after they first went on sale, and buying it then was a bit less painful than buying it the first day. The first day was like attending the premier of Batman: The Dark Knight. And as the Dark…

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iPhone 3G Launch: a Tale of Two Cities and Two Vendors

iPHONE 3G LAUNCH: A TALE OF TWO CITIES AND TWO VENDORS Remember the old Far Side cartoon that shows a couple thinking about each other — with the commentary “Same planet, two different worlds”? That was the sense of the first day the iPhone 3G went on sale in the US. It seemed that the…

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