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Archive for June 2005

History of the 4th: Thomas Jefferson

HISTORY OF THE 4th OF JULY: THOMAS JEFFERSON Perhaps no one person is more associated with the 4th of July in American History than Thomas Jefferson, probably because he penned the immortal Declaration of Independence. As my friend Clay Jenkinson says in his book Thomas Jefferson: Man of Light, “The Third President is the Muse…

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History of Independence Day

HISTORY OF INDEPENDENCE DAY The 4th of July, named after Pope Julius IV… sorry, wrong file. Independence Day, or the Fourth of July is the adoption by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776, of the Declaration of Independence, proclaiming the severance of the allegiance of the American colonies to Great Britain. It is the…

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History of Father’s Day

HISTORY OF FATHER’S DAY The celebration of Father’s Day goes back all the way to the beginning, actually to the Garden of Eden when Abel gave his father Adam a razor while his brother Cain gave his father a snake-skin tie. This was the beginning of Cain’s downward slide. Scholars have debated for ages why…

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