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Archive for January 2007

Part 2- History of The War: my conversation with Ken Burns

THE WAR: part 2 Ken Burns explained to the audience at the Air Force Academy last week why he had spent the last 6 years researching and producing The War, his 7 part, 14.5 hour documentary on World War II which will debut on PBS in September 2007: Every day, over 1,000 WWII veterans are…

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History of The War: my conversation with Ken Burns

THE WAR, part 1 Tonight I talked with Ken Burns, who you know for his award winning documentaries including The Civil War, Baseball, and JAZZ. I had the privilege of sharing with him two questions, after he presented a preview of his new documentary coming out in Fall of 2007, about World War II called…

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History of Martin Luther King

HISTORY OF MARTIN LUTHER KING, Jr Born on January 15, 1929, we celebrate a holiday in honor of a man who was not a president, nor an explorer, nor a saint, rather he was a Baptist minister and an American leader of the 1960s civil rights movement who was named after the Protestant Reformer Martin…

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History of Epiphany

HISTORY OF EPIPHANY January 6 is known in the Christian calendar as Epiphany. It is sometimes called the “Twelfth Night” being the 12th Day of Christmas. It signifies the event of the Magi, or Wise Men visiting the baby Jesus, and is known in certain Latin cultures as Three Kings Day. In the Eastern (Orthodox…

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History of the Holidays

HISTORY OF THE HOLIDAYS Hello and welcome to the 2007 version of History of the Holidays. I’m Bill Petro, your friendly neighborhood historian. Be sure to try out the podcast link by clicking the audio link at the bottom. This is a series that recounts the history behind the major American holidays, and some of…

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