VMworld 2011: Las Vegas


VMWORLD 2011: LAS VEGAS This year’s event kicks off in the Venetian in Las Vegas. Is it like Venice in Italy? Yes, but somewhat more hermetic. The venue is huge and more extensive than in years past with expanded conference facilities and enlarged Hang Space and the Blogger’s Lounge. Initial registration featured about 45 minutes…

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History of WiFi Day: 8.02.11

HISTORY OF WIFI DAY: 8.02.11 Today is August 2, 2011… or 8.02.11. This number is also the designation for the popular WiFi standard in use today. The IEEE 802.11 standard refers to a set of protocols for Wireless Local Area Networking, or WLAN, and is popularly known as WiFi or colloquially as “Wireless Fidelity” like…

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