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Archive for April 2013

History of the Liberation of Dachau — a personal view

HISTORY OF THE LIBERATION OF DACHAU On April 29, 1945… 68 years ago, toward the end of World War II the Allies captured and liberated Dachau. My father, Staff Sergeant John Petro was one of the liberators. It was one of the few stories from The War that my father told me in full. Dachau…

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History of User Interfaces: iPad at 3 Years

IPAD, 5TH GENERATION USER INTERFACE This week is the 3rd anniversary of Apple launching the original iPad. It’s currently on it’s 5th generation with the 128GB version, not counting the 1st generation iPad mini. Back then many pundits claimed it would never catch on. Instead, Apple has sold 140 million iPads, totalling $75 billion in…

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