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VMworld 2014 San Francisco: Day 1, The Announcements

VMWORLD 2014: DAY 1,┬áTHE ANNOUNCEMENTS The largest cloud show of its kind, VMworld 2014 opened with the General Session in Moscone Center in San Francisco. 22,000 attendees from 85 countries are here. The show actually opened 2 days previously, but everyone who is going to be here is at this event. Partner Day and TAM…

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History of David Winn

HISTORY OF DAVID WINN Recently I attended the memorial service of David Winn, a good friend and a great man. I started out as a patient of his dental practice almost 20 years ago, but we quickly became friends, sharing many common interests. Our conversations were stimulating and he had a sly sense of humor.…

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History of Twitter: The Social Tool at Eight Years

HISTORY OF TWITTER “I don’t get it” …is the phrase I frequently hear when I talk to people about Twitter. This micro-blogging service is one of the more unique and most difficult to explain of the social technologies — a “presence” tool that broadcasts “what are you doing” to friends and strangers alike, anyone who…

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History of Facebook: The Social Network at 10

HISTORY OF FACEBOOK February 4 is the 10th birthday of the social networking site Facebook. What started back at Harvard — and initially only open to college students or those with email addresses that ended in .edu until September 2006 — Facebook is now the largest social network with over 1 billion people using it…

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History of Macintosh: a 30 Year Love Affair

HISTORY OF MACINTOSH The now famous Macintosh computer has just turned 30. When Apple President Steve Jobs launched this computer at the Flint Center on De Anza College campus on January 24, 1984 to the theme from Chariots of Fire he called it “insanely great!” The $1.5M “1984” Superbowl commercial filmed by Sir Ridley Scott…

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History of 2013: Best of

Gentle Readers, Happy New Year and thanks for visiting my blog at In 2013 the blog was visited 71,000 times as people viewed the 110 articles I posted during the year. The busiest day was Jan 7 with 1,040 views. Most visitors were referred from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Stumbleupon. The most popular…

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