History of Blue Moon

Blue Moon

HISTORY OF BLUE MOON “Do you see that full moon in the sky tonight? That happens once in a blue moon.” Scientifically, this happens 7 times in 19 years or about once in 3 years. You won’t see it again until January 2018, the last time was in August 2012. Technically, the full moon occurred…

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Apple Watch: First Impressions and Pictures

Apple Watch: First Impressions and Pictures Apple Watch went on sale Friday morning at midnight Pacific Time. I’ve written previously about Apple Watch at length previously here. To say its launch was popular would be an understatement: it sold out in 6 hours. I’m hearing ship dates now of June and August. The gold Apple…

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History of 2014: Best of billpetro.com

“I still remember 2014 like it was yesterday.” Gentle Readers, Happy New Year and thanks for visiting my blog at billpetro.com. In 2014 the blog was visited 76,000 times as people viewed the 109 articles I posted during the year. The busiest day was Oct 2 with 3,822 views. Most visitors were referred from reddit, Facebook, StumbleUpon, ClassJump,…

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