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Archive for May 2015

History of V-E Day: End of WWII in Europe 70 Years Ago

HISTORY OF V-E DAY Seventy years ago today World War II ended in Europe with the acceptance by the Allies of unconditional surrender from Germany. Or did it?   May 7, 1945 At 2:41 AM the Allied General Dwight Eisenhower received the unconditional surrender of German General Alfred Jodi at Reims, France at the Supreme…

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History of the Liberation of Dachau: Present Day. Part 3

HISTORY OF THE LIBERATION OF DACHAU: Present Day. Part 3 In Part 1 I discussed the Nazi Concentration Camps and Dachau. In Part 2 I talk about my father’s involvement in the liberation as part of the 42nd “Rainbow” Division and his subsequent capture of the Nazi general in charge of Munich’s anti-aircraft artillery. Epilogue:…

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