History of Ukraine: What You Want to Know, part 2

Ukraine 2

HISTORY OF UKRAINE: WHAT YOU WANT TO KNOW, part 2     We have looked at the recent history of Ukraine in our first article; now we turn to these questions: What is the history of Ukraine over the last two centuries that got us here? What has been Ukraine’s relationship to other great powers…

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History of Ukraine: What You Want to Know, part 1


HISTORY OF UKRAINE, PART 1     With the world holding its breath, what is the recent historical context from which you can get an understanding of Ukraine’s self-identity? What is the nature of Ukraine’s national independence? Why is Ukraine fighting for its life against Russia now? An independent, self-governing Ukraine emerged as a nation…

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History of The Olympics


HISTORY OF THE OLYMPICS While the modern Olympic Games go back to 1896, the ancient Olympic Games reach back as far as 776 B.C. and before. Though historians hang the beginning on that date, it seems the Games had been going on for several centuries before the 8th century B.C. Held initially in Olympia, Greece, the…

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