Six Blades – When Five Just Aren’t Enough

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Today, while I was at the pharmacy waiting for a script to be filled, I thought I’d wander down the Shave Needs aisle and see the latest.


Five Blades

Years ago, scientists realized that a single blade was not enough for a clean shave and added a second, and then a third, fourth, and fifth. And for years, we’ve been stuck there with little scientific innovation since.


Blades Variations

Oh, sure, there are some recent variations. One leading manufacturer now has Titanium blades so your face won’t burn off when you reenter the Earth’s atmosphere.



And they have the Fusion5 model, which takes a battery and vibrates while you shave because nothing says closeness than a manual razor that vibrates.

They also have a heated razor because, baby, it’s cold outside. It’s only $115. But for those with a few more disposable dollars, there’s the Bugatti Heated Razor for $119. Watch those corners while you’re racing your razor.

For the nostalgic set, it also offers the Easyrinse so that your razor is as easy to clean as if it had only a single blade.



When, what to my wondering eyes should appear? A Dollar Shave Club 6-blade razor! That’s right, 6, count ’em, six blades in a single razor. My faith in shaving science is restored.


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DSC 6 Blade

And they now have a new handle that makes it look more like their competitor, Harry’s.


If you can’t wait until Christmas, head to your local pharmacy.


Bill Petro, your friendly neighborhood historian

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