B2D and TiVo

image While giving a talk to a group of sales reps in New York, we were discussing the concepts of Backup to Disk (B2D) and Virtual Tape Libraries (EMC Disk Library). Some of these folks were quite experienced as sales reps, but didn’t quite understand the value proposition of the Disk Library.

At one point, the conversation got around to the Yankees, as I imagine often happens in NYC, and the Sales Manager said,

“Yeah, I’m going to TiVoTM the game tonight so I don’t miss it while I am taking the train home.”

I asked the group, knowingly,

“How many of you use TiVo or other Digital Video Recorders?”

Most of the hands went up.

“Would you ever go back to using VCR tape recording?”

Universal “No’s” came back.

I continued,

“That’s what backing up to disk is all about. You get the benefits of speed, faster seeking, instant playback, etc…”

You could see the lights going on in their eyes.

I love it when that happens.


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