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Apple’s New Ecosystem: the Implications of Apple Pay

APPLE’S NEW ECOSYSTEM: THE IMPLICATIONS OF APPLE PAY Today, October 20, Apple launched Apple Pay with the release of their iPhone iOS 8.1 version of the device operating system. This new payment system is scheduled to go live with 220,000 merchants today for users with iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. I wrote about these devices…

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Apple Watch: a New Category for Apple

APPLE WATCH: A NEW CATEGORY FOR APPLE On initial impression, some might say this seems like less of a watch and more an iPhone nano. While the iPhone 6 is an evolutionary change and larger than before, as I discussed in my last article here, the Apple Watch for Apple is a new product category with new ecosystems…

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Apple’s New iPhone 6: Why You Care

iPhone 6s

APPLE IPHONE 6: WHY YOU CARE This article is not about a holiday, but it is historical. In the run up to Apple’s press conference on Thursday, October 16th I’ve written 3 articles on the recent launch of the iPhone 6, the Apple Watch, and two new Ecosystems: Apple Pay and HealthKit. The first of…

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History of Macintosh: a 30 Year Love Affair

HISTORY OF MACINTOSH The now famous Macintosh computer has just turned 30. When Apple President Steve Jobs launched this computer at the Flint Center on De Anza College campus on January 24, 1984 to the theme from Chariots of Fire he called it “insanely great!” The $1.5M “1984” Superbowl commercial filmed by Sir Ridley Scott…

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History of User Interfaces: iPad at 3 Years

IPAD, 5TH GENERATION USER INTERFACE This week is the 3rd anniversary of Apple launching the original iPad. It’s currently on it’s 5th generation with the 128GB version, not counting the 1st generation iPad mini. Back then many pundits claimed it would never catch on. Instead, Apple has sold 140 million iPads, totalling $75 billion in…

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History of the iPad: When is a Tablet not a Tablet?

HISTORY OF THE IPAD Question: How can you have a “history” of a device that was just announced today? Answer: This has been the longest anticipated unannounced product in history, or at least Apple history. It has been a veritable speculation-o-rama.   Question: I don’t get the iPad. Isn’t it just like a giant iPhone?…

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