CLARiiON co-stars in Body of Lies

Last week I saw the new Ridley Scott spy thriller Body of Lies. Scott has made a number of movies in recent years starring Academy Award winner Russell Crowe, including Gladiator, A Good Year, and American Gangster. In this film Crowe co-stars with Leonardo DiCaprio, and additional co-stars who are even more flashy.

EMC loaned Warner Brothers six Symmetrix DMX-3 and nine CLARiiON systems. These were featured in a particularly intense negotiation scene in the film, situated in the US Embassy in Amman, Jordan. The arrays were originally configured to be be fully working, but proved to be too loud for the sound man on the set. So instead, the systems were “powered” with LEDs behind their bezels to light up the display and drop lights to illuminate the fronts. Ridley Scott liked to look of the EMC systems and in the scene above, during a very tense phone conversation you can see the colorful systems, the co-stars behind the stars.

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