History of St Martin’s Day: That Significant Saint

saint martin

HISTORY OF ST. MARTIN’S DAY While St. Martin’s Day is not widely celebrated in the U.S., except in the more liturgical churches, St. Martin is more famous and influential than you’d think.   What is St. Martin’s Day? November 11 celebrates Saint Martin’s Day, also known as Martinmas. Irish tradition tells us it was called…

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History of William Wilberforce: Champion of British Slavery Abolition

William Wilberforce

HISTORY OF WILLIAM WILBERFORCE One hundred ninety years ago today, on July 26, 1833, the Slavery Abolition Act passed its third reading in the House of Commons, ensuring the end of slavery in the British Empire. William Wilberforce authored it.   August 24 marks the birthday of British statesman and England’s greatest abolitionist, William Wilberforce.…

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History of St James Day: and the Camino de Santiago

Rembrant St James

HISTORY OF ST JAMES DAY: AND THE CAMINO DE SANTIAGO July 25 is the Feast Day of St James, and Roman Catholics, Lutherans, Anglicans, and some Protestants accordingly celebrate St James Day. For Orthodox churches that follow the Julian calendar, it’s on April 30. Each summer, pilgrims walk the Camino de Santiago or the Way of…

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History of Bastille Day: Its Relation to the French Revolution

Bastille Day

HISTORY OF BASTILLE DAY Each year on July 14, Bastille Day is celebrated to commemorate the Storming of the Bastille in Paris on this date in 1789, an important date in the French Revolution. Also known as French National Day, it features feasting, fireworks, public dancing, and an address by the French President. However, the…

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Paris Tour: Paris in a Day, part 3 – Monuments

eiffel tower

Paris in a Day – Monuments: Day Three While you can’t do all of Paris in a day, you can visit a few Museums, Cathedrals, or Monuments. The two most famous monuments in Paris are within walking distance of each other. First:   The Eiffel Tower La Tour Eiffel is France’s most popular tourist destination…

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Paris Tour: Paris in a Day, part 2 – Cathedrals

1635px notre dame de paris, 4 october 2017

Paris in a Day – Cathedrals: Day Two You can’t do all of Paris in a day, but you can see a few cathedrals.   Notre Dame de Paris Of course, this is the most famous cathedral in Paris, but you can’t get inside to visit it due to the 2019 fire. It’s scheduled to…

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Paris Tour: Paris in a Day, part 1 – Museums

la tour eiffel vue de la tour saint jacques

Paris in a Day – part 1 For Summer vacation, you may be interested in visiting Paris. Can you do it in a day? Other than visiting a few museums and a couple of fabulous meals, you can’t really see Paris in a day. But if you only have a day in Paris, here are…

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70 Years Ago Today: Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II

er2 copy

70 Years Ago Today: Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II Seventy years ago today was the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-ruling British monarch, at Westminster Abbey. I wrote the following article about her celebrating her 70-year Platinum Jubilee Celebration last June. Little was I to know that just three months later when I was…

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History of the Diet of Worms: Martin Luther on Trial 500 Years Ago

Luther Memorial, Worms

HISTORY OF THE DIET OF WORMS: MARTIN LUTHER ON TRIAL OVER 500 YEARS AGO Over five hundred years ago today, April 17, 1521, Martin Luther appeared on trial before the most powerful ruler in Europe, the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V. While the name may sound unappetizing, the Diet of Worms was a formal imperial…

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History of St Joseph’s Day: Why not more popular?

St Joseph

HISTORY OF ST JOSEPH Today, March 19, is Saint Joseph’s Day, or the Feast of St Joseph. It is celebrated by the Roman Catholic, Anglican, and Lutheran Churches worldwide. The terms feast and festival are often used interchangeably and often refer to a religious holiday. What is the history of the holiday and Joseph himself?…

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History of the Ides of March: Who should Beware?

Ides of March

HISTORY OF THE IDES OF MARCH According to the ancient Roman calendar, the ides fell on the 13th of the month except for March, May, July, and October, when it fell on the 15th of the month. Something epochal occurred in 44 B.C.   Et tu, Brute? On March 15, 44 B.C., the Roman dictator…

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