History of Palindrome Dates: 02/02/2020


Today, February 2, 2020, is considered a palindrome date meaning that it reads the same forward and backward. The Greek word palindromos means running back again.

Of course, there are lots of palindrome dates, even within the last century. I’ve written about 07/07/07 and 08/08/08.

But today’s type of palindrome, with a four-digit year where the two-digit month and day are the same — no matter what culture you’re in, whether MM/DD or DD/MM — is unique and happens only about every millennium. Except for 12/12/2121 which is only 101 years away. Stay tuned for that article.

This year’s palindrome date is even rarer, 02/02/2020 occurs on the 33rd day of the year with 333 days left due to the leap year. If you got up at 2:02 am you’re extending the palindrome even further. But don’t worry, you can catch it again at 8:20 pm, or 20:20 this evening.

And that madam is how nurses run, with or without their race car, never odd or even… palindromically! (O.K. that’s not really a word.)

Bill Petro, your friendly neighborhood historian

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