History of 080808

HISTORY OF  080808

August 8, 2008, or 8 August 2008 or 2008, August 8

No matter how you spell it, we haven’t had an occurrence like this… in over a year, when we had 070707. And we won’t have another like it until next year on September 9. Nevertheless, this once-in-a-century date does have some significance.

  • The most noticeable is that the 2008 Summer Olympics begin on this date in Beijing. The number 8 — which sounds like ‘fa’ in Chinese or meaning prosper — is considered an “auspicious number.”
  • This is also an auspicious date to marry, and the Malaysian website 080808.com.my features a mosaic of announcements.
  • Taking a Web 2.0 perspective, users of Twitter can use the hashtag #080808 to discuss the Beijing Olympics, or search for #080808 to see tweets (noun of Twitter) showing up about every half second.
  • Finally, it’s today’s date. There’s no time like the present.

Bill Petro, your friendly neighborhood historian

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