History of Talk Like a Pirate Day: Avast Ye!

Talk Like a Pirate Day

The International Talk Like A Pirate Day began not back in the “Golden Age of Pirates” in days of yore but in 2002. It was celebrated each year on September 19; though it started in the United States, it is now celebrated internationally across the Seven Seas.


The Tale of Talk Like a Pirate Day

Pirate Guys


The Captain’s Log

Dave Barry

The trademark has been non-restricted and is more what you’d call a “guideline” than an actual rule. The fact that Hermione Granger‘s birthday in the Harry Potter books is on September 19 shows that this parody holiday has gone viral.

Speaking of viruses, during the COVID pandemic lockdown of 2020, a special tee-shirt was developed to commemorate the strange year in true pirate style.



The Ironic History of Talk Like a Pirate Day

Robert Newton

Talking like a pirate is commonly credited to the British actor Robert Newton, from his depiction of Long John Silver in Disney’s 1950 first live-action film, Treasure Island. His kind of quasi-Cornish accent — pirates frequented Penzance in Cornwall, England — became popular with subsequent actors who portrayed pirates in film, television, theatre, and radio.

The modern holiday is described on the official site here.

There’s even a Facebook Page about it here.

Q: Why couldn’t the Pirate graduate from 1st grade?
A: Because he only knew one letter… “ARRR!”


Bill Petro, your swashbuckling neighborhood historian, me hearties!


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  1. OUTSTANDING!!!!  I got on board in 2003 after a rather large night out in London where I, or so I was told, spoke like a pirate the entire night…arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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