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History of Epiphany: Ends the 12th Days of Christmas?

HISTORY OF EPIPHANY Epiphany occurs in the Christian calendar on January 6. It signifies the event of the Magi, or Wise Men, visiting the baby Jesus, and is known in some Latin cultures as Three Kings Day. In the Eastern (Orthodox and Oriental) churches, it is known as the Feast of Theophany (God Manifest), commemorating Jesus’ baptism with…

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History of Christmas Traditions: some pre-Christian?

HISTORY OF CHRISTMAS TRADITIONS Many of the customs that we commonly associate with Christmas come from previous pagan or pre-Christian European backgrounds.   Traditions The word Yule comes from an Old Norse word for a twelve-day celebration among Germanic people. It later became known as Christmastide. Mistletoe was prominent in the traditions of the Druids…

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