History of Christmas: The Year – How could Jesus be born 4 B.C.?

HISTORY OF CHRISTMAS: THE YEAR It’s obvious that Jesus was born on December 25, A.D. 1 , right? Wrong. What we do know is that Herod the Great (who killed all the babies in Bethlehem younger than 2 years of age) died in the Spring of 4 B.C. according to the Jewish historian Josephus, and…

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History of Christmas: King Herod

herod the great

HISTORY OF KING HEROD: WHY WAS HE CALLED GREAT The Wise men asked Herod the King: “Where is he who has been born king of the Jews?” While this seems an unlikely question to ask a client king of the great Roman Empire, they were not asking in a complete vacuum. During the century around…

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