History of Carol of the Bells: from a Ukrainian folk song

Carol of the Bells

HISTORY OF CAROL OF THE BELLS: FROM A UKRAINIAN FOLK SONG The favorite Christmas song, Carol of the Bells, is based on a Ukrainian folk song that originally had nothing to do with Christmas and was, in fact, popular in pre-Christian Ukraine. How did this folk song become such a popular American Christmas carol, and…

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History of Ukraine: What You Want to Know, part 2

Ukraine 2

HISTORY OF UKRAINE: WHAT YOU WANT TO KNOW, part 2     We have looked at the recent history of Ukraine in our first article; now we turn to these questions: What is the history of Ukraine over the last two centuries that got us here? What has been Ukraine’s relationship to other great powers…

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History of Ukraine: What You Want to Know, part 1


HISTORY OF UKRAINE, PART 1     With the world holding its breath, what is the recent historical context from which you can get an understanding of Ukraine’s self-identity? What is the nature of Ukraine’s national independence? Why is Ukraine fighting for its life against Russia now? An independent, self-governing Ukraine emerged as a nation…

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