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VMworld 2011: Las Vegas

By billpetro / August 29, 2011 /

VMWORLD 2011: LAS VEGAS This year’s event kicks off in the Venetian in Las Vegas. Is it like Venice in Italy? Yes, but somewhat more hermetic. The venue is huge and more extensive than in years past with expanded conference facilities and enlarged Hang Space and the Blogger’s Lounge. Initial registration featured about 45 minutes…

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Future of Google+, Is it the Next Social Platform?

By billpetro / July 25, 2011 /

FUTURE OF GOOGLE+ Got Google+? Google+ has been online less than a month. When I first got on over two weeks ago, there were less than 2 million members, last weekend there were over 5 million, and as of this writing it has over 20 million members. And it is getting impressive media attention. Here…

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Welcome to the Zettabyte Era

By billpetro / June 5, 2011 /

Welcome to the Zettabyte Era In the last few years, a company that you might not think of when it comes to data centers and big data has made some dramatic changes in their strategy and offering: Cisco Systems. The company that for years has been the first name in networking has made some big…

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Cloud, How Big Is It?

By billpetro / March 22, 2011 /

CLOUD, HOW BIG IS IT? The Cloud, it’s Huge! But what does that mean? Let’s start with numbers we are familiar with, then see how it grows to numbers we have a harder time getting our head around:   Starting with a binary digit, or “bit” 8 bits makes a “byte” or a character on…

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social media

History of Social Media: From email to Facebook

By billpetro / February 1, 2011 /

HISTORY OF SOCIAL MEDIA There is so much in the news on Social Media — there is even a movie about The Social Network that got Golden Globe and Academy award nominations — that it seems useful to share an “infographic” from the OnlineSchools on the history of social media as it progressed from email…

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State of the Internet

State of the Internet: Email

By billpetro / January 26, 2011 /

STATE OF THE INTERNET: EMAIL It is regularly being said that “Email is dead.” And while it’s true that Millennials often remain within the walled garden of Facebook or their mobile devices, email was the way most Boomers came to know messaging on the Internet. I say: “Email is dead, is dead.” Long live email.…

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VMware Partner

VMworld 2010: Partner Super Session

By billpetro / August 31, 2010 /

VMWORLD 2010 PARTNER SUPER SESSION Each year, the Partners of VMware are treated to a sneak peak at some of the announcements coming this week. Below I will not share anything that hasn’t already been since announced or is not already publicly available. First speaker was: Carl Eschenbach, EVP VMware He spoke on the theme…

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History of the iPad: When is a Tablet not a Tablet?

By billpetro / January 27, 2010 /

HISTORY OF THE IPAD Question: How can you have a “history” of a device that was just announced today? Answer: This has been the longest anticipated unannounced product in history, or at least Apple history. It has been a veritable speculation-o-rama.   Question: I don’t get the iPad. Isn’t it just like a giant iPhone?…

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Big numbers: US information consumption

By billpetro / December 12, 2009 /

I was impressed by some recent reports from the University of California at San Diego, and the research company IDC. The first story reports that: from all non-work sources in 2008, including TV, radio, movies, the Net, cell phones, video games and reading material… US consumption totaled 3.6 zettabytes and 10,845 trillion words, corresponding to…

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History of Facebook

By Bill Petro / February 4, 2009 /

Today is Facebook’s 5th birthday. Where did it come from, and what is it now?

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Obama Inauguration: Info Extravaganza

By billpetro / January 24, 2009 /

OBAMA INAUGURATION: INFO EXTRAVAGANZA This was not your grandfather’s Inauguration. Grandpa might have listened over the radio, your parents viewed it on television, but this generation viewed/participated in it through so many different media.     In my article on the History of Inauguration Day, I said that: …the event will be covered simultaneously by…

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History of the Long Year

By billpetro / December 30, 2008 /

HISTORY OF THE LONG YEAR If it seemed like a longer year than usual, that’s because it is, by a second. The scientists who control the settings on the official clocks worldwide will add a “leap second at 11:59:59 PM GMT on New Year’s Eve, December 31. Why? This is to justify the two different…

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