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History of Facebook

By Bill Petro / February 4, 2009 /

Today is Facebook’s 5th birthday. Where did it come from, and what is it now?

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Obama Inauguration: Info Extravaganza

By billpetro / January 24, 2009 /

OBAMA INAUGURATION: INFO EXTRAVAGANZA This was not your grandfather’s Inauguration. Grandpa might have listened over the radio, your parents viewed it on television, but this generation viewed/participated in it through so many different media.     In my article on the History of Inauguration Day, I said that: …the event will be covered simultaneously by…

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Cloud Optimized Storage: Atmos

By billpetro / November 10, 2008 /

In 1969 during the original Star Trek TV show, The Cloud Minders episode featured Stratos, a city in the clouds. Today, EMC launches Atmos, cloud optimized storage. This is not science fiction, but the realization of much work on managing very large amounts of data “in the cloud.” Having been in the hands of customers…

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How to Raise Your Visibility on the Web, Part 2

By billpetro / November 6, 2008 /

How to Raise Your Visibility on the Web, Part 2 We’ve talked about how getting your own domain name can give you immediate exposure on the Web in my previous article, for my friend who wants to use the Internet to find a job. It’s a first step, that provides the virtual equivalent of an…

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Information Reformation

By billpetro / October 31, 2008 /

I wrote the following article about a dozen years ago when I was a technology evangelist at Sun. Back in the mid-’90s, we were experienced the early part of the first wave of “The Web.” Today, with the advent of Web 2.0 technologies we’re seeing an explosion in different dimensions. Wikis, social networking, mass collaboration,…

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How to Raise Your Visibility on the Web

By billpetro / October 29, 2008 /

How to Raise Your Visibility on the Web, Part 1 Recently, a friend of mine who is doing a job search asked me:   Bill… Petro… dot com, how did you come to get a .com after your name, and more importantly, how could potential employers find me more easily on the InterWeb?   And…

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Information Growing Exponentially

By billpetro / October 10, 2008 /

Why Info Exponential? Because information is growing faster right now than it ever has in history. Much of it is coming from so called “end users” like you and me. IDC estimates 70% will come from individual creation by 2010. Personally, I create a data wake, or digital footprint of about 10 gigabytes a day…

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VMworld 2008: a Veritable Verdant Venture (Green)

By billpetro / September 17, 2008 /

VMWORLD 2008: A VERITABLE VERDANT VENTURE “Green, that’s what it’s all about,” Larry says as he shows me the eco bag that TIG is handing out at the VMworld 2008 show. Many of the booths say “Green IT” right on their signs. Virtualization can contribute to Energy Efficient IT in a number of ways, not…

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VMworld 2008: Day 1 Keynote

By billpetro / September 16, 2008 /

VMWORLD 2008: DAY 1 KEYNOTE Following yesterday’s opening event, both the Technology Exchange and Partner Day, the conference started in earnest today with a keynote by Paul Maritz, VMware President and CEO. Paul is quite an articulate speaker, sounding both like a savvy businessman and an erudite professor. For many, his accent is difficult to…

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