Roam Guilds

RoamRoam Guilds

Here is my idea for #RoamGames for Roamresearch: “Roam Guilds”


Problem Statement:

  • Roamresearch “customers” are growing not only linearly, but also geometrically. Keeping up with all of Roam’s different areas of news, features, development, ideation, etc. is a challenge. There are lots of venues:



  • Roam users are interested in accomplishing a task for their work or personal interests. That may not cover all of the areas of Roam’s development. They want something that is more targeted to their interests. The interests are not only wide horizontally, but deep vertically:
    • PyramidPresently, Roam appeals to Developers and Power Users. The former love to dig in to the extensibility of the platform, and as the API develops, create functionality that simplifies, extends, and expands the platform. But they possess programming or scripting skills. Power Users have a background in scripting and can edit JavaScript or CSS, but may not be able to create it from scratch.
    • Making the jump to “cross the chasm” from these to audience to the larger population required for early mass adoption requires simplification, streamlining, and “rails to run on.”



  • Roam Guilds would be built along various interests:
    • RoamDevelopers: would be those looking to collaborate on extending the power of Roam. Example: Roam42 community
    • RoamResearchers: would be for academics, specialists, and creators who need to collect a vast amount of information and then process that information intelligently.
    • RoamStudents: is a subset of RoamResearchers, with fewer requirements. They’re more interested in taking class notes or book notes. They may be more interested in Zettlekasten methodologies.
    • RoamTeachers: for those who teach, coach, or instruct either students or adult professionals.
    • RoamWriters: would discuss how Roam is best used for crafting writing tasks, whether fiction, non-fiction, prose, poetry, blog articles, etc.
    • more…



  • This might include things like:
    • Subject-matter communities on a selected shared site.
    • Guild Roam Book Clubs, hosted by a moderator
    • Unique JavaScript extensions, CSS themes, or Roam42 SmartBlocks tailored to Guild needs.


  • These Guilds would provide not only encouragement but tips and tricks
  • Users would have a way of asking questions of “peers” rather than going to the Developers, to learn Guild-specific best practices.