Movie Review: X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Movie Review: X-Men Origins: Wolverine

When I read comic books in my youth, I always loved the “origin of” issues, which told me about he beginnings of my favorite super heroes. I was a big reader and collector of X-Men comics, of course, and have enjoyed the previous three movies to greater and lesser degrees. This movie is a prequel, the story of how the most popular of the X-Men, the character Wolverine came to be, as well as the X-Men themselves.

Recently we’ve been seeing super hero origin stories: Batman Begins, Superman Returns, Iron Man, and Hulk. So too is this movie. In it we learn some of the motivations of our hero, and why he has always been a bit foggy about his earlier life. It this movie you return to his childhood and see just how far his history goes back. There are tributes here to The Dirty Dozen and even to Jonathan and Martha Kent from Superman origins.

Hugh Jackman, hot off hosting the Academy Awards shows that he’s not just a pretty face who can sing and dance. In this movie he’s as buff as he’s ever been, on a high-protein diet, with hour and a half daily workouts.

Liev Schreiber, seen recently in Defiance, stars as Sabretooth gets to sink is teeth into his largest role since The Manchurian Candidate. He’s great at being intimidating and menacing.

The character Gambit (Taylor Kitsch) shows up, as well as the Blob, Zero, and a host of future X-Men and villains. Lynn Collins plays the attractive love interest. Though she’s been acting since 2001, I’d not seen her before.

Ryan Reynolds, who we usually see in comedy roles plays the character Wade/Deadpool, with his usual wisecracking. Dominic Monaghan, who you remember as the hobbit Merry in the Lord of the Rings movies appears as Chris/Bolt.

Filmed in New South Wales, Australia, the scenery is gorgeous. The special effects are rather different than many action films you’ve seen and the fight sequences are quite acrobatic.

Sure this is a summer popcorn movie. There is little plot to get in the way of the action.

Grade: B

You’ll like it if: you like non-stop action, fight sequences, vehicle chases, exploding things, with little time to breathe.

You won’t like it if: you prefer character development or have an aversion to violence.

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