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“I still remember 2014 like it was yesterday.”

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Gentle Readers,

Happy New Year and thanks for visiting my blog at In 2014 the blog was visited 76,000 times as people viewed the 109 articles I posted during the year. The busiest day was Oct 2 with 3,822 views. Most visitors were referred from reddit, Facebook, StumbleUpon, ClassJump, and Google+.

The most popular posts in 2014:

  1. History of New Year’s Resolutions: Where did they begin? January 2014. I’ll post this again tomorrow, looks like it is a popular cultural touchstone. 8 comments 
  2. History of Thanksgiving Indian: Why Squanto already knew English Originally written in November 2009, inspired by a radio commentary by Chuck Colson, which he based on a book by Eric Metaxas. 
  3. History of the Sanhedrin: Who was this Council?  April 2014. This article based on a story from historian Paul L. Mayer’s book In the Fullness of Time talks about the Jewish Supreme Court involved in the pivotal event in the trial(s) of Jesus. 22 comments 
  4. History of Ethiopian New Year: What is Enkutatash? September 2014. The Washington Post interviewed me for an article they published on the subject. 4 comments. 
  5. History of Nativity Season: snow in Bethlehem? December 2014. Discusses the hotly debated topic of what part of the year Jesus was born in, over 2,000 years ago. 4 comments.

Curiously, my most popular article of all time is the History of Australia Day

Thanks again for visiting.


Bill Petro, your friendly neighborhood historian

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